Praising Nature - Ganesha by Ganapati Hegde

Praising Nature – Ganesha by Ganapati Hegde

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A unique representation of Ganesha interwoven with nature by artist Ganapati Hegde.

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Dimensions 12 x 16 in
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Semi- Abstract


Mixed Media

Ganapati Hegde

An artist who is meticulous, hard working and extremely imaginative; it’s not surprising to see that he is one of the most recognizable contemporaries in the art world. It is not only his unique subjects that make his paintings so distinctive but it is the vivid colours that make his works truly one of a kind. His works prove to be striking to all art lovers through his subtle statements on contemporary society and pop culture which are beautifully interwoven into his works. His works portray an alternate reality of exquisite surrealism and such flora and fauna can exist only in the mind of artist Ganapati Hegde, a small glimpse which he gives us through his works.