Privacy Policy

This statement sets out Iba’s Privacy Policy for collection and use of personal and anonymous information about you that is provided to Iba.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference from the Terms and Conditions(which may be found at Terms and Conditions) and is binding on you from the time you first visit Iba’s Website. If you have any objection to the policies stated herein or the Terms stated in the Terms and Conditions, then your only recourse is to cease to use Iba’s Website and/or services.

Iba strictly adheres to highest standards of privacy and security. Iba does not conform to the prerequisites of modern e-commerce which are: gathering and mining of user data to predict and manipulate user purchases.

Therefore, Iba has none of the following:

  • “Tracking Cookies”, which track your activities across various websites in order to profile you.
  • Third Party Advertising, which can indirectly perform the same function

The only third party content present on Iba’s Website are those that are either essential for the functioning of Iba’s Website and services, or add to the user’s experience and convenience.

Iba uses cookies in order for you to:

  • Create and login to your account
  • Stay logged in until you decide to Logout
  • Not be viewed as a new user every time you visit a different page on Iba’s Website

These cookies are used purely for the basic functionality of Iba’s Website and your convenience. In order to provide a uniform experience for all users, Iba does not provide an option to retain full functionality without using cookies.

In addition to Iba’s own cookies, certain Third Parties content displayed on Iba’s Website may also store their own cookies for added functionality or convenience.

  • Google (Maps)
  • WordPress
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

The Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for the above Third Parties may be viewed on their respective websites.

Data Collection:

Iba will collect the following information from you when you visit Iba’s Website, depending on your usage:

Browsing Iba’s Website without creating an account:

  • Your IP Address
  • Your ISP
  • Your Web Browser and version
  • Your Operating System
  • The URL you clicked to enter Iba’s Website
  • The URL you goto when you leave Iba’s Website

Subscribing to news regarding selected Artists:

  • (in addition to the information collected above)
  • Your Email Address

Creating an account

  • (in addition to the information collected above)
  • A username and password of your choice

Making a purchase:

  • (in addition to the information collected above)
  • Your Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Billing Address
  • Your Shipping Address

In addition, when you make a purchase on Iba, you will be transferred to the websites of our Payment Facilitators(Payment Gateways, Card Associations and/or Banks). You will be required to enter your Credit/Debit Card or Bank details in order to complete your transaction. The Payment Facilitators might collect some of the data you entered, in tune with their respective Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, which you can find on their respective websites.

Data Usage:

Any information collected about you by Iba, will NOT be sold or shared with any third party. Only in the extreme scenario that Iba is required by law, decree, any court or any legal process to disclose your information, will Iba do so.

The information you furnish to Iba, will be used internally in the following ways:

  • To confirm and communicate with you regarding your orders
  • To complete and deliver your orders
  • To remember your website preferences(if any)
  • To intimate you regarding news about Artists whose artworks you have viewed or purchased
  • To intimate you about Iba’s upcoming events or exhibitions
  • To change/update Iba’s Website to make it easier and more effective to use


Iba may, at its sole discretion, change or update any of the policies contained herein. Please check this page upon future visits to be aware of said changes/updates.

(The definitions used herein are the same as stated in the Terms and Conditions unless explicitly stated otherwise.)